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The Hive Wakefield’s Kitchen Transformation Reveal

Less than a year after launching The Hive, in September we officially opened the doors of our brand-new private offices to their new occupants. Our coworking office spaces and meeting rooms had been thriving, and we’d often been asked if we had any private offices available. We had the space to facilitate it, but there was a slight issue: making room for new private office spaces meant that our previous dining space would be affected. However, we saw this as a great excuse to totally upgrade the kitchen/dining area from top to bottom!

As a busy coworking space with a marketing agency on the floor below, we often have lots of people in the building using our facilities. So, we knew the updated kitchen space had to feel social, bright and inviting. Who wants to have their lunch in a gloomy, uninspiring room? A lunch break is supposed to make you feel reinvigorated for the afternoon, not sluggish and tired.

Blue and green kitchen

To kick off our kitchen transformation process, we got to work creating Pinterest boards and scouring through the ‘kitchen inspo’ hashtags on Instagram, searching for pieces of inspiration. We already knew we wanted the space to feel stylish and relaxing, but it was all about figuring out exactly how we could execute that.

We opted for blue kitchen cupboards, which are modern yet timeless. It was important that we chose colours that would never go out of style, so the kitchen will forever feel like a cool and trendy area. The updated kitchen worktops are white; another ‘never goes out of style’ touch. That’s why we went for a nice, simple and light wooden flooring!

Blue kitchen cupboards

The pièce de resistance is, of course, the unmissable neon sign on the plant wall (or ‘forest wall’, as we call it!). It quite literally represents what we wanted the space to be about: good vibes only. We dotted artificial plants along the counters to add to the Zen-like environment. The greenery really makes the room feel more tranquil and relaxing, which is exactly what you need on a lunch break or a venture away from your desk.

Neon kitchen sign

The chairs are truly as comfortable as they look, following the blue and green theme. We placed plug and USB cable sockets around the tables, making the whole space feel practical and innovative.

The updated kitchen is available for all our The Hive visitors to take advantage of, whether they’ve booked a meeting room or have a permanent coworking space. If you’re just popping in to make a drink or sitting in the kitchen for your lunch, we hope that the new kitchen is a calming refuge during hectic working days!

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